Defending Champions Japan Seeded 5th for Thomas Cup

Friday, March 4, 2016
Text by Dev Sukumar | BADMINTONPHOTO

The list of 16 qualifiers each for the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals, to be held in Kunshan (China) in May this year, has been finalised. Thomas Cup defending champions Japan are seeded 5/8, while hosts China are top-seeded in both competitions.

The winners of the five continental team championships and semi-finalists of Asia and Europe, besides the hosts and defending champions, were assured of qualification. The remaining teams in the final list of 16 were selected based on total points of their highest-ranked three singles players and two doubles pairs as of 3 March 2016.

Denmark men

Thus, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Thailand qualified on the basis of total ranking points, and will join China (hosts), Japan (defending champions; featured image) and continental champions Denmark (Europe), Indonesia (Asia), Mexico (Pan Am), South Africa (Africa) and New Zealand (Oceania). Other semi-finalists from Asia and Europe – Korea, India, England, Germany and France – also qualified.

The draw will be made on 21 March 2016 in Kunshan.

Seeding is based on total ranking points. China, with total ranking points of 379132, are top seeds, while Denmark (330171) are seeded second. Korea (305570) and Indonesia (279614) are 3/4 seeds. The 5/8 seeds are Japan (269608), Malaysia (241788), India (226171) and Chinese Taipei (225742). The remaining teams are seeded 9/16.

China_UC 2014

In the Uber Cup, China qualified as hosts, defending champions and winners of the continental team championships. Other continental winners Denmark (Europe), USA (Pan Am), Australia (Oceania) and Mauritius (Africa) also qualified, alongside semi-finalists from Asia and Europe – Japan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Spain and Bulgaria.

Five teams made it on the basis of their world ranking points: India, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

China, with 361084 points are seeded 1; Japan (301384) are seeded 2. The 3/4 seeds are Korea and Thailand, while the 5/8 seeds are India, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei and Denmark. All other teams are seeded 9/16.

Mautius_Africa continental 2016

List of qualifiers and seedings:

Thomas Cup: China (1), Denmark (2); Korea, Indonesia (3/4); Japan, Malaysia, India, Chinese Taipei (5/8); Hong Kong, Thailand, England, Germany, France, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand (9/16)

Uber Cup: China (1), Japan (2); Korea, Thailand (3/4); India, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Denmark (5/8); Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Hong Kong, USA, Bulgaria, Australia, Mauritius (9/16)

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